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More Than an Attorney—
Your Personal Counselor

• Workers’ Compensation
• Personal Injury
• Social Security Disability

Get the money and treatment you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury and Social Security Disability laws are complicated, overwhelming and they’re changing every day. You may have an injury from a highway accident, or a work related incident and you don’t know how to get your health back, job back, money back, or car repaired.  And insurance is NOT helping.

We bring clarity, direction, and sense to all of these disputes. We advocate for the injured and the disabled. We get results, inside and outside of the courtroom, and work to secure fair treatment for our clients.

Michelle and Jason Mosteller, Esq. Your personal counsel and team.

We won’t get paid until you do.

Bills, medical struggles, loss of job or out of work, work restriction, no income, damaged property, no health insurance,  you don’t know how to get treated, you don’t know how to pay for it, and you think you can’t afford an attorney?

Well you can! We won’t get paid until you do. There are no upfront fees and no bills along the way.  We will go to work for you today without any initial costs to get you what you deserve so you can find wholeness once again.

Why time is NOT on your side.

Insurance companies DON’T want to help. They want you to waste time, run out the statutes, and the last thing they want is to be fair. We know the system. We know how to play their game.

Could your claim be barred?

You could have legal claims against a third party. However, you lose this remedy to enforce such claims either due to statute of limitation, case-law or otherwise. When the remedy is lost, the claim is barred.

Are There Gaps in Medical Treatment You Don’t Know?

Healthcare coverage is never straightforward. Chances are there are several things that may be overlooked by your insurance or healthcare providers. We know what to look for.

Jason fights for his clients

I had a high profile case and wasn’t sure whether to go with a high profile atty or a small local atty. I made the right choice! Not only has Jason kept me up to date, he has been an advocate. If you are looking for an attorney who will call you back the same day and give you advice, Jason is the one! He works non-stop at helping his clients. I’m soooo happy I hired Jason with my Workers Comp claim and you will be too!

July 24, 2020, Avvo Review

The 25th Lawyer

I got hurt on my job. It was a really difficult situation. I called 24 Lawyers, then I called number 25 and it was Jason Mosteller. I explained my situation and he said, “No problem.” He did it. He took on my case and boy was I happy! I could not ask for anyone better. Thank you so much Jason Mosteller!! If you’re looking for someone to help you out, this is the person that I refer you to. He was my 25th lawyer that I called. Again, thank you so much!

February 27, 2018, Avvo Review

Act now to find wholeness of life again.

You didn’t ask for the accident to happen. You deserve to get your life back. You deserve to be healthy. You deserve peace. You deserve not just restoration of money, health and property but also wholeness and peace of mind. Let us help you find that again. Hire us, then do nothing but get better.

We're your family-friends who know how to fight for you.

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